Wholesale Keurig Vue V700

Keurig Vue V700 – On Sale

Keurig Vue V700

WOW, I love the VUE…it is new, is it right for you?

The VUE is a totally different unit than current K-Cup Keurigs. I’m comparing it to the OfficePro that we use at work. The VUE is newer, sleeker, has more choices for brewing, and it’s very attractive in design (if a bit larger.) It is definitely versatile. However, there are a number of differences between the VUE and the older Keurig models and these are SO SIGNIFICANT, you should read up before you decide which model you want.

I will say, this is a beautifully-designed unit–very high end in

Product Features for Keurig Vue V700

  • Keurig Vue V700 Single Serve Brewing System Black
  • Features a fully programmable color touch screen, auto on/off, and energy savings mode
  • Brews in under one minute
  • Features a choice of eight different cup sizes, from four ounce up to a full size 18 ounce travel mug
  • Works only with Keurig Vue portion packs

A Story of the Old (Keurig) Vs the New (Vue)

I had my trusty Keurig B60 for 5 years. Never had a problem – though I’d heard it didn’t work so well for other people. I generally drink 1 cup of coffee in the morning, though during winter I might have 2-3 throughout the day. I love STRONG coffee and so, when Keurig first hit the market, there weren’t many choices, though now, there are PLENTY.
Anyway, after 5 years (I used filtered tap water)of a wonderful relationship, my Keurig started to say DESCALE every few weeks. Before this happened, I

Product Description for Keurig Vue V700

V700 Features: -Customize your own temperature and strength to ensure your coffee is just the way you like it.-Removable water reservoir makes refilling and cleaning a cinch.-Extra-large, Removable 74oz. water reservoir with easy fill, flip-top lid.-Energy Savings Mode – Auto On/Off.-Enjoy beverages hot, frothy café style or brew over ice.-Removable drip tray.-Cord Storage. Color/Finish: -Fully programmable, color touchscreen allows you to easily select and customize the settings. Brews in under see more ..

Overall a nice machine.

I got the Vue about 1 week ago from BB&B for $199 (look for the 20% off coupon) and I love the machine. The noise described by some reviewers isn’t an issue to me since my old coffee pot was just as loud and it is only on for at most 45 seconds when you brew. I feel like the touchscreen is easy to use and mine worked just fine the first try. The Vue cups are nice because you can get strong coffee in an 18 oz travel mug. I do wish it was 2-4 inches taller to fit some taller cups but that isn’t go

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